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I think I’m really going to do this…

I read a recipe of Jamie Oliver’s for Roast Chicken.  Lovely recipe etc and then I looked at the comments.

Someone fucked up messed up making the most simple roast chicken recipe ever.  How is that possible?

Two possible conclusions come to mind:

1:  The person could not read and follow SIMPLE directions

2:  There really are people who can’t cook.

Somehow, this made me want to start a food blog…something I have been flirting with for a while now while I read and enjoy all the foodie blogs out there.  Also, I have started cooking outside of my normal repertoire of cooking…and I also realized while reading the blogs out there that people will post recipes (along with gorgeous photos, which is where I may fail…where do they find the time???)…where was I?  Oh right…so yes, people say, this recipe is a take on so and so’s recipe and they have changed two of the spices used…and then they own the recipe.  Great.  I can do that too.

Hah. Hopefully, I won’t be doing TOO much of that.  I like creating in the kitchen as I go along…and yes, there will be recipes that I take as a starting point and put my own spin on.  I have promised myself to post at least once a week.  Let’s see if I can hold myself to that or not.  No one seems to be able to hold me to much…much less myself!


About Zehra

Zehra is a livelihoods and cash transfer specialist working in humanitarian contexts. She has also been a health and lifestyle coach for humanitarian aid workers. Loves food, bollywood and tweeting (@zehrarizvi).


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