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My fave food blogs—(last update, July,12 2011)

From Bombay To Queens.
My dear dear dear friend K has started a food blog. So much of my cooking and experiments and new recipes have been inspired by her. Stay tuned for the link to her blog. We have started food blogging at the same time and she’s about to launch too! You can follow her on twitter @BombayToQueens.

Cook Sister Blog
Jean is a trained barrister who lived in South Africa all her life and then ten years ago, moved to London. She takes AWESOME photos and has great recipes on her website. Easy to search as well which is what I like about it. And relaxed! You can read about Jean here on her about page . You can follow @CookSisterBlog on twitter also.

Sassy Radish
Sassy Radish is Olga Massov, a writer and a recipe tester/developer. She does this from Brooklyn, which is enough for me to be in love. If you are a newbie or hesitant cook, check out her site. She actually leads you through the process properly. I like looking at her site for inspiration from the photos. You can read more about her here and follow her @SassyRadish on twitter.

Finely Chopped
Kalyan Karmakar is finely chopped. I love reading his blog because it’s part…musing. His post on Lucky Biryani in Bandra, Bombay had me drooling and remembering it as the way it was meant to be remembered. It’s not just a celebration of food on his blog but of life. I also LOVE that he walks us around Bombay, my ancestral home and one I would love to live in one day. He can be found on twitter @FinelyChopped

A Perfect Bite
A perfect bite is Rushina M Ghildiyal. Another Bombay food blogger and wonderful tweeter. She can be found at @RushinaMG. In her own words, her blog is about: When I eat, I need to get all the elements on my plate perfectly balanced in each bite. And so my blog came to be called A perfect bite because a space that would bring together all facets of food in one. What *I* love about this is that “the perfect bite” is something I tend to make for my family and loved ones. It’s a family joke now when I load up a spoon or fork and hold it out and say: It’s the perfect bite. Rushina’s blog is one after my own heart 🙂

One Dish Closer
One dish closer is Victoria Brown. The thing about Vicky is that she and I worked in the same office in a completely non food related sector and I still can’t believe that I didn’t know she was SUCH A FOODIE. Feels like major lost opportunity…(both of us have moved on from said office at this point…) but hey, better late then never. Vicky comes from a cooking family and has amazing stories to accompany her amazing recipes. I like her organic way of cooking and the inspirations she uses. I know my first pork dish that I cook (other than bacon) will be one of her recipes. She is currently traveling around South America (Argentina at the time of writing) and you MUST check out her blog with all the photos and descriptions of the gorgeous stuff she is eating. Her posts make me laugh out loud…well worth the visit to her blog! She doesn’t tweet often, but when she does, it’s from @onedishcloser

Stay tuned for update to this page as I read and use more food blogs. if you would like to be listed, drop me a note (walkintomyparlour@gmail.com) and please do link to your blog so that I can visit!



One thought on “Blog Roll

  1. He he, yes I am rubbish at tweeting, it is true! I need to be more diligent. It is indeed a shame that we didn’t know about our shared passion for food when we worked together. I am glad you have enjoyed my food tales since then and I look forward to reading all of yours! xx

    Posted by Victoria Brown | July 26, 2011, 2:57 pm

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