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Daal, Dahl, Daaaaahl or For the Love of Daal (for Simon Majumdar)

I just looked you up, Simon. Umm…you are kind of famous. I just thought you were some dude on twitter…who happens to know Alton Brown (ok, ok, I just realized what I was saying when I started typing)…well…good…glad it worked out for you and now you get to judge TV Food Shows. This post is … Continue reading

Cooking in a kitchen that isn’t mine (or new!)*

It really freaks me out. I am not sure what it is about unfamiliar tools and temperatures and pots and pans that one doesn’t know how they react, spices like red chilli or even salt for which the pinch of it has to be a bit more or a bit less… Oh wait.  That’s all probably it. … Continue reading

I think I’m really going to do this…

I read a recipe of Jamie Oliver’s for Roast Chicken.  Lovely recipe etc and then I looked at the comments. Someone fucked up messed up making the most simple roast chicken recipe ever.  How is that possible? Two possible conclusions come to mind: 1:  The person could not read and follow SIMPLE directions 2:  There … Continue reading

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