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It’s getting hot in here, so….

…eat some watermelon!  Nothing quite refreshes like some cold cold cold watermelon in hot hot hot garbage smelling Brooklyn summers. Seedless watermelons have been increasingly popular in the US and in fact, I can’t recall the last time I had watermelon with black seeds in it (which we used to do all the time when … Continue reading

Holy moly guacamole!

This is one the simplest and most satisfying snacks to make ever. Love the flavours, textures and ways in which you can OWN this dish. My favorite way of cooking is sticking random things together and seeing what happens. Or using what is available not just locally, but also just in my fridge or cupboards … Continue reading

Daal, Dahl, Daaaaahl or For the Love of Daal (for Simon Majumdar)

I just looked you up, Simon. Umm…you are kind of famous. I just thought you were some dude on twitter…who happens to know Alton Brown (ok, ok, I just realized what I was saying when I started typing)…well…good…glad it worked out for you and now you get to judge TV Food Shows. This post is … Continue reading

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